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As part of the library’s plan to teach us old librarians new tricks, I had to sign up for a MySpace account. I thought I was a bit too old for that, but I discovered many of my friends have accounts, so maybe I’ll keep it going. Some of the best friends I’ve ever had became my friends because of Arlo Guthrie. You have a lot to answer for, buddy! My first MySpace friend after Tom & my library was Judy, whom I’ve spoken of before. We’ve known each other since that fateful European trip in Aug. 1989. That’s where we became known as Blunderites, friends of AG, who named his newsletter The Rolling Blunder Review. Other great friends on that trip – Sherry Hochman, her mom Joyce, and the finest Jewish grandmother I ever had, Pauline Singer. Thanks for sharing her, Sherry. I also met T-Shirt Kathy, Flo, uh, oh, Old Timer’s strikes – Annie G., the Smith brothers, Deb Smith … it’ll come back to me eventually. After a few years, I picked up some other Blunderites along the road, and they are my mysp. friends now too – Connie & Chuck, Shelley & Jay, Kitty West, Rob McNurlin. Ken Boult, where are you? I got to know Abe and Lisa Guthrie, I’ve met Cathy G., and I spent some wonderful quality time with Annie & little Sarah Lee in Florida one winter. Now I’ve met Sarah’s Johnny Irion & their precious Olivia. Oh yeah, and Jackie G., who endeared herself to me when I first met her, and she asked what tribe of Indian I was. I always wanted to look like my Native American ancestors, but very few people ever thought I did.

I started going up to western Mass. to Arlo’s Church Concerts in the fall, and picked up a few more Blunderite friends. Here’s some of them:

Guthrie Center tailgate Oct. 2006

Another new technology I’ve embraced is even more fun, for me – LibraryThing – I’ve been adding all my favorite authors as fast as I can – Bill Crider, Lillian Stewart Carl, Gillian Roberts, Jasper Fforde, Colin Cotterill … and there are many more to go http://www.librarything.com/profile/shwetzel


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